Instantly blast out the movie SICK AND SICKER across America by sponsoring a Statewide Open Screening (SOS) License.

How to conduct a public screening and become an instant movie theater:

  1. When a state is sponsored residents of that state who want to project the movie onto a big screen (Screeners) request the HD movie screener file
  2. Screeners will receive an e-mail within 4 hours with a link allowing them to download this large high definition movie file. They should put this file on a laptop computer, USB flash drive, iPad or iPhone (with enough memory). Get the cable allowing your device to connect to a digital projector.
  3. Screeners find a location that has a digital projector where they can show the movie to the public such as a library, university, hotel meeting hall, restaurant, etc. They simply connect their laptop computer or USB flash drive to the digital projector and they are ready to show the movie!
  4. Screeners can show it for free or charge admission and keep the funds raised for their effort. Be sure to test the audio and video before screening to make sure it’s ideal.
  5. Publicity and marketing are vitally important. Try to get a talk radio host as an MC for a good turn-out. Get a like-minded state group to blast out an email advertising your screening. Hold a debate to draw even more people. Get college political groups involved for both a free screening room and a good turn-out. Post it on Twitter and Facebook.

Call 818-533-1072 California time for a price quote.


SICK AND SICKER is copyright and requires a screening license to show at your event. Don’t risk a $150,000 lawsuit. We can offer you a great price to screen the movie at your event. We can also offer a “Statewide Open Screening License” whereby you sponsor the right of everyone in your state to download a high quality version of the movie for free and show at their event during a certain time period (like for month). We can also package having Logan speak at your event + hundreds of DVDs to give out + a screening license. Call 818-533-1072 California time zone.

INVESTORS/DONORS NEEDED: For movie about free market SOLUTIONS—How to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

SICK AND SICKER shows the terminal destination of ObamaCare (socialized medicine like Canada has). We are ready to film the solutions part of the movie. We need your support. It can take the form of a charitable donation for a tax write-off via an organization you already support using “fiscal sponsorship”. It could take the form of an investment as a equity holder. We can offer high level movie credits. It’s a great way to jump start your career as a movie producer. Call 818-533-1072 California time zone.