Logan produces anti-ObamaCare movie

The IRS hits Logan
with an audit.

Fight Back
Sponsor a State

to blast out Logan's movie

If 50 States Get Sponsored

A movie pyrotechnics company
will blow up an ObamaCare statue.
Logan produced SICK AND SICKER a movie showing the terminal destination of ObamaCare.
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The IRS audits Logan. He’s not alone. Breitbart News, Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Carson and the Associated Press have all received “Obama Treatment.”
+ Obama jokes about using the IRS on his enemies
Press Release 10/7/2014
Fight media intimidation and socialized medicine. Watch Logan’s call to action. Sponsor a state to blast out Logan’s movie with an SOS License
You can blast ObamaCare by sponsoring an entire state thus allowing everyone in that state to screen the movie in public.